Preventing online toxicity.
Protecting children.

“L1ght is an online guardian and the ultimate stamp of approval for child safety in the tech arena” – Forbes


1 in 3 teens have received threats online.
L1ght protects internet users against
cyberbullying and other online threats

Online Predators

Predators use legitimate apps and
platforms to perpetrate abuse. Predict and
prevent these behaviors with L1ght


Online shaming can occur on any platform,
with tragic results.
L1ght provides critical early warning
to help prevent shaming incidents.


Kids can leverage online activities to self-harm. This phenomenon must be stopped, and L1ght’s there to lead the way.

Hate Speech

L1ght’s learning algorithms analyze and
recognize all forms of hate speech,
whether through text, video, or sound

L1ght can be deployed
anywhere people communicate

Social Networks &
Search Engines


Web Hosting

We’re making the internet a safer place
Are you on board?