About L1ght

L1ght eradicates online toxicity and ensures the internet is used for what it was intended for – connecting people, sharing ideas and driving humanity forward.  

Designed to mimic the behavior of children online, our algorithms are the result of a multidisciplinary team including cybersecurity experts, data scientists, psychologists, anthropologists and more.

Our cutting-edge technology expands the boundaries of what’s possible by leveraging AI and machine learning.

It offers sophisticated and specific solutions that go far beyond traditional content moderation and filtering tools to deliver a truly effective solution.

Our Team

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Zohar Levkovitz

CEO & Co-Founder

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Ron Porat

CTO & Co-Founder

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Hemi Pecker

COO & Founding Member


Yoav Vilner

CMO & Founding Member

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Dorit Zilberbrand, PhD

Lead Data Scientist

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Doron Habshush

Head of Research

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Michal Friedman


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Yaakov Schwartzman

Head of Innovation

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Ayala Allon, PhD

Data Scientist

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Shira Reuveny


Antitoxin השלמה_

Guy Heller

Office Manager

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Amber Cohen

Data Analyst


Shai Levi

Senior Developer

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Noga Mindlin

Data Analyst

efrat mann (2)

Efrat Mann

Data Analyst

Eitan Yoshpe (3)

Eitan Yoshpe

Customer Support

rinat kiperman (1)

Rinat Kiperman

Senior Data Analyst

L1ght Headshots AE_-10 (1) (1)

Eitan Brown

Data Scientist

Yoav Landau (3)

Yoav Landau

Data Analyst

L1ght Headshots AE_-8 (2)

Ilana Kalnitski

Data Analyst

maya cabel (2)

Maya Cabel

Data Analyst

arik levy (2)

Arik Cohen, PhD

Data & Algorithms

Yuval Cohen (1)

Yuval Cohen

Head of R&D

alon gur (1)

Alon Gur

Innovation Developer

hezi stern (1)

Hezi Stern

Head of Product

roni gur (1)

Roni Gur

Head of Business Operations

AntiToxin before edit השלמה_0965 (1)

Yohai Azriel

Senior Developer

Amit_GP_2193 (2)

Amit Dar

VP Business Development

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