About Us

When the two of us first met a couple of years ago, we discovered we shared a mutual interest in making the Internet a safer place for children.

Soon after, we decided — as parents and serial- entrepreneurs — to partner-up for what would likely be our last entrepreneurial adventure.

As we began spending time analyzing child safety, we realized it’s only part of a bigger problem: Online Toxicity — a phenomenon that manifests itself in a variety of ways that severely impact children, adults, women, minorities, LBGTQ — well, all of us really.

Fast forward… Today, with a team of 25, a couple of rounds of financing, and a lot (and we mean A LOT) of R&D, L1ght is making it easy — and sensible — to add anti-toxicity AI to any site, service, and app.

Put simply, if you are allowing people to engage with each other, we can help you ensure there are guardrails that keep it all safe, and free of toxic behavior

Reclaiming the Internet by making it a safe place for all, is not a modest mission, but we believe our team is making a real dent.

We look forward to working and partnering with you.

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Meet Our Team


Avner Sakal

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Ron Porat

Co-Founder & CTO
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Zohar Levkovitz


Gilat Bar

Roi Carthy

Roi Carthy

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Roni Gur

VP Marketing
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Dorit Zilberbrand, PhD

Head of Data Science
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Yaakov Schwartzman

Head of Innovation
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Imber Cohen

Data Analyst
Yuval Cohen (1)

Yuval Cohen

Head of R&D
AntiToxin Headshots _-4

Doron Habshush

Head of Research
rinat kiperman (1)

Rinat Kiperman

Analysts Team Lead

Shai Levi

Senior Developer
AntiToxin Hezi_

Hezi Stern

Head of Product
L1ght Headshots AE_-10 (1) (1)

Eitan Brown

Data Scientist
Ilana Kalnitsky

Ilana Kalnitsky

Data Analyst
Eitan Yoshpe (3)

Eitan Yoshpe

Customer Support
Yoav Landau (3)

Yoav Landau

Data Analyst
maya cabel (2)

Maya Cabel

Data Analyst
AntiToxin Headshots _-8

Alon Gur

Innovation Developer
Antitoxin השלמה_

Guy Heller

Office Manager

Shahar Getzovich

Backend Developer

Oren Yanay

QA & Automation Developer
Shira Reuveny

Shira Reuveny

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Yonatan Hacohen