L1ght’s Safety Operations Center is an AI + Human Moderation hybrid solution that accurately identifies and classifies unsafe UGC content.

With Safety Operations Center, Social Media, eCommerce and Gaming companies can process extremely large volumes of potentially unsafe content. The platform can also be used to provide 3rd party moderation services across a variety of sectors.
Providing robust Trust & Safety controls — including visibility, analysis and a feedback loop to Product & Engineering — Safety Operations Center can be deployed independently, or be integrated into 3rd party content moderation workflows in order to detect unsafe content accurately, and at scale.

Reduce Moderation OpEx & Exposure

Safety Operations Center leverages L1ght’s best-of-breed content safety AI to reduce internal and external moderation OpEx by up to 92%, while simultaneously dramatically reducing moderator exposure to unsafe content. This is achieved by continuously retraining data models to increase detection accuracy, and reduce resource consumption — whether computational, or human.


A core building block of Safety Operation Center, contextuality is derived by applying multi-dimensional layers of analysis upon every content asset, whether it be an image, a video, or a piece of text. Doing so — in a GDPR and COPPA compliant manner — allows us to apply important decision making granularity that dramatically improves accuracy in determining whether content is benign, or unsafe.

For Social Media and Gaming companies

For companies that that moderate their own communities, Safety Operations Center provides a “Safety Tolerance Dial” that modulates Accuracy vs. Cost, allowing Trust & Safety and Engineering teams to jointly determine the right balance.

For eCommerce and ad-based businesses

For companies with neither robust Trust & Safety teams nor external moderation providers, Safety Operations Center provides “Business Content Risk Defender” that protects UGC-powered communities from unsafe content.

Feedback & Analysis

Key to Safety Operations Center is the ability to use this feedback and analysis to allow moderation teams to recalibrate computational and human resources in real-time to more pressing Trust & Safety issues while shifting focus from more benign ones.

Detection and classification are only a first-round approach to identifying unsafe content. Safety Operations Center then applies proactive and reactive methodologies to maximize the depth of UGC analysis. This allows the platform to perform real-time analysis of what trends in UGC are most problematic, including Regions, types of imagery, as well as textual terms, and hashtags.

Results are fed into the Safety Operation Center dashboard for cubing, and data analysis by regions anonymized information and UGC type.


Safety Operations Center is used by Trust & Safety Teams, Moderators, and Community Managers to identify problematic content access these verticals:


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